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backtothefuture May 04, 2010

Some may not be aware and thus the need for this post, I deleted my facebook profile.

I was just made aware that some of my old friends on facebook may think I “unfriended” them but in all truth I deleted my account and all the data in that account about 4 weeks ago.  So, yes I still love you all, I just don’t love FB.

If you need a reason for my quitting it is because of the privacy issues, I really got tired of having to go back in and reconfig it after a change they made.

For those who need more reasons,  read the following.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Oh and in case you didn’t catch the link to delete your account, here it is again:  Delete Facebook Account Link

Have Fun,


[Full Disclosure: I predicted to my wife in January that this year facebook would die, and something better would come along.]

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Contemplating FaceBook Hara-Kiri


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