I signed up this website to be an official publisher for Brave Payments.  Now if you use the Brave browser and have payments turned on I will get a little BAT token when you visit.  


If you don't know what the Brave browser is, I recommend you head over to their site https://brave.com and grab a version for your operating system.  They turn privacy on by default.

I have been using the browser for a few months now on all my devices and have been pretty impressed by the speed and ease of use. I have been slowly migrating to using it more and more as my default browser over Chrome.  As a IT guy I use 2-3 browsers daily depending on what hat I have on.   The one feature I hope they come out with eventually is having separate profiles like Firefox and Chrome.  Other than that I have been pretty happy.

Thanks for supporting the site by visiting and having your Brave Payments turned on.