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futuristic Feb 03, 2010

As I look around and do more research on Portland and the possibilities of creating a business name I stumbled upon this web site that gave a pretty good explanation of the PDX nicknames.

I will blatantly rip it since it is so well done, but visit the source link for more info.



**Portland, Oregon **has quite a few nicknames . . . Potland being one of the more cheesier of them.

But of the nicer ones, here’s a little excerpt of their humble beginnings:

**The City of Roses – **Way back in 1888, a group of visitors met at the Episcopalian Church for a convention.  They couldn’t help take notice of the lovely rose garden, and the roses around the city.  Their remarks were about the City being full of Roses.

The moniker***City of Roses***was starting to take root, and in 1905 the Mayor decided to have a festival of roses, and out of that “rose” the Portland Rose Festival.

Then in 1908, a wealthy man, Leo Samuel, is said to have had a vibrant rose garden in the front of his house, located centrally in town.  He left a pair of pruning shears near a note that read anyone who wanted to, could snip as many roses as they wanted.

This simple act was mimicked all over Portland.  And soon, businesses and homes were growing roses for everyone to enjoy. The City of Roses was not just a cutesy name . . . it truly was . . . and is!

**Rip City – **The Portland Trailblazers is our only major league . . . anything.  We don’t have a major league football team, or baseball team.  We WILL have a major league soccer team . . . in 2011.  So the Trailblazers is our major league anything for now.

It’s said that the name ***RIP CITY***took hold when, during a Blazer’s game, a three-pointer made by Jim Barnett caused the basket net to rip.  The play-by-play announcer, Bill Schonely, exclaimed “RIP CITY” when he saw what just happened.  And the name stuck!

Bridgetown- Portland is not a very large metropolitan area.  In the late ’60’s and ’70’s there was talk about putting in freeways, and thank goodness for the grass roots efforts.  They used Portland’s11 bridges as a reason and arguments against freeways.  With eight bridges crossing the Willamette River, and three crossing the Columbia, there was no reason, they stated (and rightly so) for putting in a freeway system.  The traffic crossing back and forth is eased with so many bridges — all toll free.

**Stumptown- **during the mid-1800’s Portland was a BOOM town.  The land was cleared so fast for development, logging, farmland the stumps were left before they could all be ground out.  Hence the name: Stumptown.

In present day, the nickname is used to denote the very small heights on the “high-rise” offices downtown.  With a lack of tall skyscrapers, the tallest downtown building is only 550 ft. high, the buildings are “stumped” compared to other metro cities.

P-Town- Nothing really to say about this other then it’s probably our way of being “cool” in the era of P-Diddy’s . . .

PDX- This is the airport code for the Portland International Airport.  For some reason, it caught on and you’ll hear people use the abbreviated *PDX *interchangeably.


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