Pulling the plug on social media

futuristic Dec 15, 2009

I did it.

I broke the cycle.

I would check Twitter, and Facebook a couple times a day. I would then proceed to type inane things into comments or retweet something funny or interesting.  My life has become a “should I tweet this?” scenario which is what I do with my inane random thoughts and musings on the Internet and in my life.

Then a couple thoughts came to mind when I was reading the internet and replying to comments from friends and loved ones over the past couple months.

“Is this what friendship has been reduced to?”

Random musings about the food we are eating or our commute home.

No real depth beyond a 2 sentence thought. Sure every now and then a hot topic will spark a debate, but that is usually a few and far between occurance.

Is it wrong to say** “I want more!” **from this?

More thoughts.

More debate.

More of *what *made us all friends in the first place.

I wonder if that I am becoming **an internet couch potato by my comments and presence on these sites.

Social media is just that. Socialized TV watching. We sit down and let the internets entertain us. Our minds go numb. At least mine does for a while. And then we leave it.

Here is my plan:

I saw a tweet a little bit ago that sums up what I am thinking and planning.

“RT @lifeisgood Dance like the photo’s not tagged, love like you’ve never been unfriended, tweet like nobody’s following.”

I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily for a little experiment.

I want to see what happens.

**I want to change my paradigm. **

I want to move forward.*

I don’t know what this will bring. Heck I may be addicted to this stuff too much and jump right back into it.  If I do go back I may break out the deep section of life’s thoughts and challenge your beliefs or comfort zones. You have been warned.

Or I may just drop it all together and ride my bike ;)

Thoughtfully your friend,


[Note: If I do not happen to contact you, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. It means I probably don’t have your info…hmmmmm maybe I will have to reactivate to get the info…]


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