Riding in Scappoose Oregon [April 2011]

Apr 04, 2011

I was able to get a hall pass from the wife and head on out to Scappoose to get dirty on the mountain bike this past Sunday.

I was shocked by the clear cut logging going on.  There was a warning put out on the NWTA web site that there would be some trail closures for Winter due to logging on the land.  The land is commercial logging and closures and such are to be expected.  It just hits me like a ton of bricks when actually seeing it.

This use to be a dense Pac NW forest.

The following pictures are the north side of the road and what this use to look like.  My fear is that the north side will look like the south side eventually.

The road.  All trails span from this road:

Hidden trail?

A little green on the ground


A flower

The elusive Karate Monkey in its natural habitat

mmmmm loamy soft dirt trail

Lots of moss

Enjoy nature while it is there.


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