Riding out in Fruita, CO

bitcoin Aug 25, 2006

The family and i went out to the Grand Junction area this past weekend and I threw my bike on the rental car.  I was figuring that since we were out there for the Palisade Peach Festival I would bring the bike along and sneak a couple rides in.  Fruita is one of the best places to ride here in Colorado.  It is high desert riding at its best, without having to cross the border and go to Moab, UT.

My first ride was on Horsethief Bench.  This trail is one of the “must ride” trails in Fruita.  I really enjoyed the hard pack sand and rock.  Although it was super hot out when i went, I really loved it.  I just took my time and leisurely rode the trail.  I tried to put a patch over my eye, to get rid of the double-vision that I have, but the stupid thing broke half way through the ride.  So, I just rode with one eye shut most of the time.  Here are some pictures of the trail.

Horsethief Bench Horsethief Bench

The next trail i rode was on the north side of Fruita.  These trails were abit harder to get to, I got lost for about an hour trying to find them.  Once I got to the trail I was excited to get going.  I rode these  trails back in 1999, and boy the BLM has done some work out here.  They built a trail parking area and actually labeled the trails.  Back in 1999, you had to park on the side of the road and just kind of figure it out from there.  I rode Prime Cut and Kessel Run.  Prime Cut was a 2 mile uphill, which is really easy.  Just put the bike in “granny gear” and spin til you finish.  Then I jumped onto Kessell Run which is a 2 mile down hill.  This really got the blood pumping and was a lot of fun.  At one particular point in the trail I was going really fast and I accidently rode over a diamondback snake! I did not realize it was a snake until I was already over it and it hissed at me!  After that I took the trail a little bit slower.

North Fruita Trail head

All and all it was great fun.  It was nice to get back on the bike after all the cancer treatments and ride some of the best trails in Colorado.



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