Riding Scappoose

futuristic Mar 24, 2010

Well I was inspired to ride the KM today and not just any old Forest Park ride would do.

I needed dirt, roots, and trees in a singletrack form. One of the guys at the local Bike & Hike told me about some mysterious trails near Scappoose (no idea how to pronounce that) off of Rocky Point Rd.

So, I ventured out with the KM on top of the Element and iPod in the dash. North of Hillsboro seems to be mostly farm type land. I really dig how fast a person can get out of town around here. There were clear skies and about 60 degree sunshine filled weather.  Which is nice considering I live in Portland.

Clear Blue Skies

From [2010-03-23](http://picasaweb.google.com/pedalwrench007/20100323?feat=embedwebsite)
I was looking for some random gate about a mile from the other end of where I was driving. So, I expected to drive the whole road and then backtrack about a mile to find it. With a little luck, I ran into another mountain biker and he graciously took me around the area. I only had a limited time since it was a “lunchtime” ride so after a few trails he showed me the way out and we separated. I would have been lost with out the guidance. Which in mountain biking that is not a bad thing.

The random gate I was looking for:

From [Drop Box](http://picasaweb.google.com/pedalwrench007/DropBox?feat=embedwebsite)
The trails were awesome and I could get lost back there for hours on end and not care one bit. It is really refreshing to get to some loamy pine needlely singletrack now. This is why we moved here, and this is why we will stay (at least in my mind). I did not get any photos while on the bike, I was little too excited. I did however get an after ride shot from the phone:
From [Drop Box](http://picasaweb.google.com/pedalwrench007/DropBox?feat=embedwebsite)
So how did the KM do in it’s new form? Interesting. It was like a cyclocross bike, yet with  mountain geometry and wider tires.** It made for a fun ride**. I am still getting use to not having top mount brake levers so the first trails felt awkward.  I found that I had more control with hands in the drops while going down hill, and a better leverage on the hoods while going up hill. Which is the idea behind going with a setup like this on a mountain bike.  Overall, I liked the setup and am willing to give it some more time as I adjust to it and get the minor kinks worked out (brake squeeze).

The funniest thing today was seeing his facial expression when telling the other mountain biker I was going to ride the KM today and hearing him say,

“You’re gonna ride that!?”

Yes I am.



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