riding the wave

futuristic Apr 14, 2010

Riding the wave:

This will be the photo I submit for the Kona Shoot the Ride contest.

Backdrop: This was taken February 13, 2010 at Forest Park on Leif Erikson Dr using my Cell Camera.

The goal of this photo was to capture the essence of the ride for me.  I think it does this by capturing it in a wave effect.  The wave happens during the ride.  It can be a moment, it can also be the whole act of riding. It promises to wash away all of your worries and troubles.  Overwhelming them and pushing them out. During that moment you are free.  You are a human being at one with nature and your steed. Nothing else matters during that little magical moment of time. Not your job, your bills, or your other worries.

This photo puts me in that place.



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