Some Domain Names for Sale

futuristic Dec 05, 2009

I bought some domains a while ago for projects when I lived in Colorado. I am no longer using them and was wondering if anyone would like to purchase them.

Make me an offer via email and we’ll see what happens.


This was a project that I was going to funnel all my bike geekiness into for Boulder, CO.

Possible ideas ranged from a clone for Boulder bike news to a random blog about bike setups.

I started a side business of repairing bikes in my garage.  I never put the effort into it since I worked too much and have a family.

Possible ideas include a SEO type site that funnels google users to a local shop or a howto guide blog.

I started this as a blog for my Cancer, but quickly changed the name to and the rest is history.  This has been my test domain for web dev type stuff

Possible ideas include a game centric forum or a gamer news site.


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