Sunday I took a trip over to Dayton to ride the Huffman system. I’ve been wanting to take the 456 over there and get a comparison of 29er vs 26er on local trails. The results were pretty nifty.

The Karate Monkey [old steel 29er] always had troubles with the tight turns and such. The 456 being smaller wheeled and more trail type frame geometry really felt at home out there. Both were ridden single speed, but with different gearing. The 456 also has 150mm fork which is way better than the 100mm 29er fork I had on the monkey.

My first lap grabbed a couple personal bests on Strava as I was able the make the turns and flick the bike more comfortably. Heck I was even throwing some flare in my turns and manualing over things.

Lap 2 the hot weather and gearing threw me off a bit. My body just has a really hard time with humidity.

Lap 3 was just about me having fun.

I also goofed off a bit and shot some random Vine vids.

On Voodoo, they put random skulls and such hidden in the trees to give it an essence or something.

Also shot a vid of my goldmember.

My stem is ano gold ;)

All in all a great ride and gives me thoughts of the following in my head:

“What do you you want to do for the rest of your life?”

“Ride my mountain bike in the woods everyday.”


Thanks for reading,