sxsw 2007

This is the first part of a two part series, each band is in the sxsw showcase web site. Click on the links to goto their showcase and download their free mp3 or stream the music to you. Each link opens a new window.

My taste is Rock, Punk, Hip-hop, Electronic, and Jazz…You may not like these bands.

First 10 bands I liked at SXSW and they are currently on my mp3 player along with 25 other bands total, but the rest is for a later post.

Airbourne [Click Here for More]

AJ Croce [Click Here for More]

Blacklist [Click Here for More]

Che Arthur [Click Here for More]

Children Collide [Click Here for More]

CPC Gangbangs [Click Here for More]

Cruiserweight [Click Here for More]

Crystal Castles [Click Here for More]

More to come later, enjoy for now…