Taming the Conficker virus, the Easy Way

electric cars Mar 30, 2009

From Slashdot:


Comment by Dynamoo

1. Download and install Python 2.6.1: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6.1/python-2.6.1.msi [python.org] 2. Download Impacket from http://oss.coresecurity.com/repo/Impacket-stable.zip [coresecurity.com] (or maybe http://pypi.zestsoftware.nl/impacket/ [zestsoftware.nl] or some other mirror) 3. Download the scanner from http://iv.cs.uni-bonn.de/uploads/media/scs.zip [uni-bonn.de] 4. Unpack Impacket into a folder, then install Impacket from a command line with c:python26python setup.py install 5. Run the scanner with the command c:python26python scs.py [start_ip] [end_ip]

(Hat tip to an AC comment at El Reg [theregister.co.uk]). Just a warning – it runs like a dog. I found that a passive Honeypot like Honeybot [atomicsoft…utions.com] works well and is easier to install.

This basically searches for the signature of the Virus via network scanning.



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