This year I decided to just bite the bullet and go to some blockchain conferences as I go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.  I will be attending the following Ethereum conferences this October.

TruffleCon - October 5th - 7th - Portland, Oregon

I am excited to attend some of the workshops and listen to a few of the keynotes.  I use the Truffle suite to develop Ethereum Dapps and it is here in Portland, so going to this conference made a lot of sense.  Plus I only needed to take one day off of work to attend, bonus points!

DevCon4 - October 30th - November 2nd - Prague, Czeck Republic

While I really wanted to go to the other DevCon's, this year just panned out right and I will finally be able to attend one.  I'll be taking some time off work to attend, but a trip to Europe plus a geeky Ethereum conference for developers make it all worth it.  

If you are attending either of these conferences and  would like to meet up, ping me on social media.