My old logo may have some copyright restrictions on it from somewhere (I scanned it off of a t-shirt from Costa Rica), so I drew a new one. Hopefully this one is ok. I drew it using GIMP a program on Linux that is close to photoshop, but free.

The theme is 8bit computing crossed with a monkey.

Behold! The Spudz Monkey!


PS If you want to use the image, go for it, just link back and don’t make any money off of it. Cause then I’d have to come after you.

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Here are some mock-ups of what I was thinking when I created the Spudz Monkey.  These were just drawn on a piece of paper and carried around in my wallet until I scanned them into the computer.

They have a raw feel to them that I like and may go to some day.

[note: again see copyright above.]

My 8bitMonkey Original