Tether your iPhone to your Mac

456 May 21, 2009

Currently we have a iphone in the house and a comcast internet.  So my thinking is why can’t I use my iPhone as a modem in emergency situations.

Yes I can*

There are some good instructions on the web, I just googled: “3proxy iphone”

The reason I chose 3proxy in the google is because I knew of that app from previous searches and learning.  Here is the basic instructions, and the links to the sites I used.


Here’s the basic rundown:
– Jailbreak your iPhone 3G [FYI – Apple will kick you in the nuts over this.]
– Install 3Proxy and Terminal
– Create an ad-hoc Wi-fi network using your laptop
– Join the network with your iPhone
– SSH into and Find the iPhone’s IP address [ifconfig]
– Open Terminal and run the proxy program [socks]
– Open Mobile Safari on your iPhone and open a web page
– Configure your browser to use the proxy

How to tether your iPhone 3G and browse the web using your 3G connection


How to Tether and Connect iPhone (1G, 2G and 3G) as Modem for Internet Gateaway


*Note: iPhone jailbreaking is probably illegal or may get you injured or something.  AT&T and Apple will look upon you with “Angry Eyes”, and charge you if you go over the 5GB limit on your plan.  This is your warning.  I cannot be held responsible for your hacking.  Have Fun though ;)


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