Yep, it is that time of year. When I should be thinking about how cold I will be on my morning commutes, or how I should be thinking about sealing up the windows. Instead I am thinking about bikes. I sold my full suspension bikes and was left with my singlespeed and my commuter. As much as I like those bike, I was missing the full suspension feel. Well I got my chance to check out the new Diamondbacks. They are sweet and an all around great bike. But I have been tempted into something else.

We have a bike show out here in Denver called the Veloswap. Imagine easily ten thousand cyclists getting together to sell their old stuff and some new stuff. It is my favorite flea market. I used to hate going to flea markets when I was a kid. they are always hot and there are always too many people. Well, the veloswap has all that and the main thing…BIKES! I was able to handle the people and the heat (people are good heaters! New fuel?!) as long as I was staring at rows and rows of bike parts and bikes.

Today I went in with 2 thoughts in mind. 1. Look at the new Diamondbacks and 2. See if I can get a deal on a 5″-6″ frame. I succeeded in both. The Diamondback I was looking into was the new Mission 02. This bike promises to be an All mountain super bike. I was impressed. My thoughts were about how I could get my hands on one. Then I went into the bazaar of bikes in the other room. There were old bikes, new bikes, and weird bikes and It was cool.

After searching around I found only a couple bike frames to put my money down on.  One was a Yeti ASX for $500.  It was kind of what I was looking for, but it was a large and I just didn’t want to go that way.  I usually ride a Medium frame.  I could get away with a large, but it feels like I’m driving a Cadillac in the woods.  Plus that would break my bank and make it hard to get the thing built the way I want by next season.

I went through the whole sales floor and didn’t really find anything I really wanted as far as frames.  I decided to go through one more time, but a little slower.  I went back to this on booth that had a cool Santa Cruz Blur frame for sale.  While looking at the Blur I saw a red frame on the floor.  It was a Santa Cruz Heckler.  I really was unsure about it, because it was dirty and looked kind of beat.  While I was looking at it the guy who was selling it came up and started telling me about it.

One of the things I noticed by body language was that he loved this bike.  It is hard to explain, but it was the little things.  He upgraded the shock to get more travel and redid the seals and bushings on the frame.  He was asking $400 for it, which was a little high.  He also had a brand new Marzocchi Bomber AM1 for $250.  I figured $650 for a frame and fork was a little high, but doable since the fork was new 2005.  I asked if he’d take $575 for them and he said yep, so I bought them.

So, buy accomplishing number 2 on my list I eliminated number 1.  I will not be getting the Diamondback now.  The Heckler will be built next week hopefully and I will be back out riding a full suspension bike.  Too bad we keep getting snowed on here in Denver!  Ah well I guess I will ride the trails that are always dry here in town.

I also got some new winter riding gloves and a new rear rack pack.  The glove were normally a $45-60 item that I got for $25 and the pack is normally $60-80 which I got for $5!  That is the reason I like going to the swap!

Attached below are the pictures of the new frame and fork.