There is no bad weather just bad clothing...

Mar 31, 2013

I remember reading a quote on the internet awhile back from the dutch (I believe) that said:

“There is no bad weather just bad clothing.”

That was a saying I would put in my head while commuting to work to  downtown Portland during the dreary rainy morning rides of winter. No matter how many time you said it, it didn’t matter if you were cold and wet.

Last year I was able the visit Planet X HQ in England and received a couple new cycling kits. Two of the items I absolutely LOVE. The first is the winter bib tights and the second is the Zero wind winter jacket. While the Brits couldn’t fathom why I would want those items I knew full well I could use them. Today I rode with both and absolutely could not believe that in the crazy head winds and cold, I did not feel the cold or the wind. Making the dutch saying come true, having great clothing designed for the weather makes qll the difference.


Now all I need is someone to make some legs that work and I’ll be all set. Taking a long time off the bike to move to Ohio has really made me yearn to be back out there riding the only problem is I am slow and out of shape.

Have fun,


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