Here are my thoughts and opinions on Hawaii as I leave the island paradise for greener pastures.


The Hawaii that you think and are marketed to only resides in your head and on TV.

The Hawaiians do not live in huts and wear grass skirts.

There is a lot of racism here even though the island is a pretty good melting pot.

If you are a white guy with a shaved head, you will be asked everywhere if you are in the military.

Apple Bananas are better than the regular bananas on the mainland!!

Yes, Sunset beach is pretty and the waves in Winter are amazingly BIG. No words to really explain them

Waikiki is a tourist trap, but learning to surf there is a pretty good idea.

Surfing is harder than you think.

L&L Kalua Pork Sandwich is to die for. The fast food joint is cheap and good.

Oahu is a major metropolitan city. Think California for traffic.

Commuting by bike and road riding is scary here because for some reason the love big SUVs that are lifted.

There are 6-7 Mountain Bike trails on the island of Oahu. They are all pretty much the same.

Housing prices are too high to even think about buying.

Ko’Olina Resorts are a fake destination getaway, but wow it is pretty. They have the best beach for kids.

Yes there are a lot of beautiful people here.

Foodland is expensive for what you get. If you like the Organic foods goto Whole Foods in Kahala.  It is out of the way, but worth it.

You can buy a nice Hawaiian shirt made in Hawaii at Walmart for about $20.

Costa Rican coffee is better.

Hawaiians want everone to respect their land, but they need to start respecting it themselves. I see more litter and graffiti from locals than anything else

I feel sorry for the future leaders here. The youth here are dumb. They are chasing after a lie.

I will miss wearing shorts and a t-shirt in January.

The bus system is pretty good, you just need to have patience.

You can quit your job and move here on a whim, but you better have a plan B.

The Island of Kauai is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to go back there and explore more.

Hawaiian Air is a great way to get to the other Islands. Well worth the money.

Stay away from the far west side of Oahu, there are bandits and you will get robbed.

I love the smells of the Palmera tree. We picked up a seedling for our new house in Oregon.

If you don’t like big bugs, anywhere in the world close to a beach is probably not a good place live for you.

Goto Love’s Bakery either downtown or in Pearl City for good deals on breads and such.

There are some really nice people here. There are some crazy people here. It takes all kinds.


Well that is all I can think of tonight before I leave. If you ever have questions about Hawaii send me a message and I will answer any questions you may have.