Tour de donut (my next race)

Jul 27, 2013

Local bike shop passed this on to me. Must know I like the doughnut. :-)


The TdD is a 30 mile ‘race’ with 2 doughnut area stops. Each doughnut consumed equals 5 minutes knocked off your time.

The doughnut record is 28

I tried talking my daughter into being my designated doughnut eater, but she declined. Bummer. Looks like I’ll need to eat 29 doughnuts my self. All she needed to do is ride on the tagalong and eat 15 doughnuts. I got the evil eye on that one.

Anyway look for Team Zendoughnut to put on a good showing. I’ve been practicing a bit too much on the doughnut side and little on the bike facing side. Thinking downing 29 is doable, but then there’s the ride….

Thanks for reading,


PS the video on the event page is great.

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