two weeks, no facebook

futuristic Apr 22, 2010

Well, I was going to blog about this yesterday but got busy doing other things.

My account for facebook was officially deleted on Wednesday and it feels good. I made it through with out logging back in to re-activate the profile.

I do miss all the friends on there, but am happy not to hear the inane ramblings and see the games.

I would love to join a different social site that took my privacy a little more serious and wasn’t interested in making a IPO run off of my surfing habits. But, that is where FB is headed and eventually the others will see it for that.

The only reason I would join back up now is to stay in contact with friends. I wish I could just use it as a contact book and that is it. hmmmm maybe there is another service like that around? Or maybe I just have to make it myself ;)

Anyway, have fun FBers I will see you in the next Social.



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