Apr 08, 2006

Here is the latest news on the cancer front.

I will be going under the knife on April 13th.  My surgery starts at 7:45AM and is expected to last 18 hours.  During this proceedure they will be removing the tumor and any tissue it touched within about 1mm.  This may include my left eye.  I hope and pray that they will not have to remove it.  After they are done removing the tumor and other tissue they will begin the process of rebuilding.
There are currently two options for the rebuild. The first option is to take a muscle from my abdomen and fill in the  space in my face with it.  Along with this they would put a titanium mesh under my eye to rebuild the left orbit.  The pluses for this is that it will not take as long to heal up and it is a easier procedure.
The next option is to take a piece of my shoulder blade and form it into my face. This procedure is a lot more complex and may have advearse effects on my physical activity (i.e. I would have trouble doing sports and mountain biking). There are pluses to this however, I would have a better build, actual bone being replace instead of muscle.
After the surgery I will be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks for recovery.  The hospital is Exempla St. Joseph Hospital.  Here is a Google map, and here is an address and phone number:

DENVER, CO 80218

303-837-7111  (Main Number)

For the first few days I will be out of it, so please refrain from contacting me.  After that, feel free to stop by or call.  I imagine I will be really bored in there!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  This is the biggest milestone on this journey and I am felling a range of different emotions.  I appreciate the words of good will and prayers they have really helped.


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