Updating my bike with bling, building Endo the Grumpy Dino

3dprinting Aug 04, 2018

Today I upgraded the bike mount for Endo. I reworked the two screw holes and the seat for the nylon lock nut. So far it looks pretty cool.

Here is the original GoPro mount I modified in 123D. I customized it with certain settings that fit my bike and the screws/nuts I had in my bike box:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1655892

I then removed the GoPro bits, extended the base 4mm, and put a 3mm hole in the center for the screw that holds Endo in place.

You can find the updated bike mount files in my github repo:


Feel free to download, modify, and make them better.

If you end up making one send me a pic.

Have fun



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