We are back

gadgets Nov 25, 2006

Hello all.

We are back from Costa Rica. It was a great trip! I will be putting up pictures and a story once I actually write it.

Other site news: I will be adding some linux tips pretty quick, and I think I will be changing the way comments are logged. Some tool keeps spaming my comment section with jewelry ads or penis enlargement ads. I do not wish to lock people out, but I may have to. You may have to log in to add a comment. I will update this post once I do it.

UPDATE: After finding a ton of junk comments in the system, decided to force everyone to register and log in to make comments. email me if you have any questions. Again, I am sorry I had to do this, but it is better than having a ton of junk in the comment system.
NOTE to spammers: You suck, and I have your IP address’.


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