Weekend Update

bikelife Mar 17, 2007

Just a weekly update…

Damaged DNA
I made 2 appointments this week so see some docs. One is a 6 month check up with the radiation Doc, the other is an eye appointment with a eye surgen to get a good look at my eye and prep for my last surgery.

Pedal Power
I got some good rides in this week because of the weather (60+ on Tues). I am pumped because I can finally get back on the bike and commute with out freezing to the core. I miss those 20 pounds I lost last year. They were helpful on those cold mornings.

This years SXSW is going on and I found a lot of great music from their free online showcase. For those that don’t know what SXSW is, it is South by Southwest Festival in Texas. It is a festival held yearly for independent music and such. It keeps getting bigger and actually has movies now. I would like to go one year. Here is the web site [CLICK HERE]

I wrote a how-to for a forum last week and it made the front page of Digg.com. This is cool because digg.com is among the top 10 web sites on the internet. Being on the front page is akin to being on the frontpage of the news paper. Pretty Cool!



UPDATE: You can see the How-to here and see it on Digg Here.

UPDATE2: Most of the comments on digg are retarded and fail to see the real reason for taking on a project like the wireless router.  Here are some of the reasons I did it:

  1. To learn something new
  2. To re-use old outdated hardware
  3. To teach others the skills I have learned
    4.  As a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type guy, I like disecting things and getting them to work on my own.

Of course I could have argued these points in the comment section, but arguing and winning on internet forums is like the winning gold at the Special Olympics.


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