Jul 25, 2013

thinking the theme to Welcome Back Kotter will do*

Well, I disappeared from the internet for a bit just to rethink and get some time away from the hive mind.  Some pretty fun things happened and I didn’t post them, some bad things happened and I didn’t post them.  I think the Internet got along fine without me.  But yesterday made me realize that I need to keep it up, even if the question that pops in my head keeps repeating

“What if everyone’s broadcasting, but no one’s listening?”

Kind of a thought that takes you go offline for a bit to think, hmmmmmmm.  Anyway, it was cool to get IMs and emails from my PDX crew yesterday, it was like even though they were all from different spheres, they just ping’d me at random.  The one that made the most impact was my buddy Joe and his sister. She made a post like I made 7 years ago, before the cancer treatments. A kick ass manifesto that she is going to beat the damaged DNA! It made me think a lot. Those posts are really important, because in 7 yearssome one will find it and be inspired to keep fighting daily.

Who cares if no one is listening right this second.  Later on when you least expect it someone will.  That random search in the long tail of the internet may bring hope, or learning to someone in need. That makes the tool useful, even if it’s full of catz and silly vidoes.  So i am inspired again to continue on.

thanks for reading,


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