Reflection time...

Doing anything for 28 days straight is hard. Coming up with ideas to build MVP scripts for 28 days even harder. Building those scripts on a daily basis turned out to be really freaking tough.

I am glad it is over. ;)

Here is a link to the finished progress log.

On some of the ideas I had come up with the help of some friends I was not able to get into this iteration of #28daysofcode. I'd still like to tackle them at some point (namely the digital pour checker for local beers). For most of them I was unable to get built just do to a lack of API access or a simple technical hurdle that I just could not tackle in one night [LOOKING AT YOU, AIRLINES].

I still want to get something built for the Ethereum Whisper protocol. I think that would be pretty sweet at some point.

Here are some of the scripts that I am really proud of:


Inspired Thoughts

Purely, because this was something I wanted to build from before I could code. Ticking of the box on this one really felt good. I plan on forking this code off into it's own repo and extending it.


My Feedreader

This one popped up after finding an awesome theme on HTML5up. It really just floated up, just because of the frontend inspiring me. I am thinking that this on will also get forked and expanded upon.


Working with the Stellar network API Part 2

This one is really cool, because I had to create my own cryptocurrency token called SPDZ on the Stellar network. I actually surprised myself on this one due to the ease of creating the token and the ease of working with the Stellar API.

Here's to coding and we will hopefully be doing this again next year.

Have fun.